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About the Artist

      My name is Ralica Raytchev. I have an immense love for animals and have been fascinated with them since I was a child. I paint them in a realistic style to show my appreciation and wonder of our intricate and beautiful kingdom of life.


      I try to make my art as detailed as it can be in hopes the spirit of the animal shines through in my work. I often like to bring realism and vibrant colors together to create something unique and striking. While I occasionally work with oil paint, my favorite medium is acrylic paint. The short drying time allows me to use many, many thin layers of paint and glazes to create depth and add life to my art. I put meticulous work into each original piece I create to make sure it is of excellent quality and will last for generations to come. I see each painting as a tribute to the animal and want it to feel like it could come to life in front of you.


      I am based in the suburbs of Chicago and live with my husband and our sweet rescue dog. In addition to being an artist, I have a passion for science and biology and am a medical laboratory scientist. My background in biology has helped me gain an even deeper respect and understanding of our wildlife and the complex way the animals I paint live and function. I hope my love for wildlife comes across with every tiny brushstroke!

About the artist Ralica Raytchev
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